Friday, January 6, 2012

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever--Stephanie Semb

I learned this English proverb a couple of months ago and didn't really understand it until I came to London. Our first day blew my mind with the immense buildings and the history. These buildings are hundreds of years old and that is quite different than Spokane in which he city of Spokane is itself is not too old. The beauty of these buildings has lasted centuries and can still be enjoyed today. The few days that we've been in London have been lovely.

On our second day, a group of us toured the Tower of London. We took the tour by the Yeoman Guarder, also known as a Beefeater, and learned amazing things dating back before the US was even formed!! The buildings are solid, large, and quite impenetrable! I truly enjoyed spending 3 1/2 hours walking where Kings and Queens of England, and where a few traitors have passed. Besides seeing a beautifully carved tower, we also were able to tour Bletchley Park. More about Bletchley Park is on the previous post, but afterwards, I took a side tour with an English friend and her Mum. This side tour, if you will, was touristy, but a 'wee bit' more personal. We went down to Picadilly Circus and walked to Covent Garden. This is a mall like and fair like place to shop and hang out. I truly enjoyed this portion. Despite the hustle and bustle that is everywhere in London, we were helped with directions by an Englishman. This was my first experience in which a Englishman went out of his busy life to help someone. It made me feel the London was more personal than a big city where everyone is focused on their own schedule and life. It was FUN!!

Overall, this start of our trip in London has truly opened my eyes to not only a large city, but also to the many diverse cultures that reside here. In large contrast to Spokane, I have seen and heard people from England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, Japan, China, and quite a few others where I don't have a clue what language they are speaking. Basically, these three short days in London have really opened my eyes to all sorts of other cultures and I have been greatly enjoying every minute!!!

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  1. I love hearing all about your adventures! Bless you and thanks for sharing... you have a gift for making me feel like I'm there with you.