Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stone Circles, Beautiful Manors and More - Ace Taylor

We spent Friday afternoon in Cardiff after our stay in London. Cardiff is quite a bit different than London: it's interesting to be walking through a very modern shopping center and then all of a sudden find yourself staring at a massive castle wall and an ancient stone circle. We did some shopping, had some fun looking at the castle and in the park with the stone circle (see the image below), and then decided, of all things, to visit the massive and very modern library near the center of town.
All of us students on the centerpiece of a stone circle.
After spending the night in a hostel in Cardiff, we crammed into a couple taxis and headed out to Llantwit Major wear we attended an Anglican church service in the 1500-year-old St. Illtud's Church. The service was very interesting to participate in and the short tour of the church was as well. It is very amazing how much history can be stored in the walls of a building.

After the tour of the church, we all ate lunch together in a local pub. The food was great and gave us the energy needed for the mile-long walk down to the beech where we took pictures and mostly just took some time to relax a bit.

We spent that night and the next in a beautiful old manor about 3 miles from Llantwit Major (pictured below). This place was so amazing, we forced our tired bodies to run around like little children and explore the place the night we arrived as well as the next morning. Also, the lady of the manor, Suzie, happened to be a marvelous cook, was very nice and hospitable and seemed very entertained by our antics.
Yes, we really did spend two nights here.
Monday was spent at the Museum of St. Fagan. The place was massive and had very many very interesting exhibits including a castle and a recreation of an ancient Celtic village.

All-in-all, the last several days constituted a most excellent adventure in southern Wales and it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to more such adventures.

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