Monday, January 16, 2012

Susan: On the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland!

Hello from somewhere on the Irish Sea between Wales and Ireland!  We're on the 3 1/2 hour ferry from Holyhead, Wales to Dublin.  A little rough but not too bad, showers off the way.  We've had a great time in Aberystwyth, Wales.  More to come from Anna and Kelli on that, but thought I'd post a status.

Yesterday evening we went to a dinner and college/career age service at a church in Aberystwyth.  My CS professor contact of many years, is also a lay pastor at this church.  We had a nice time and meaningful service.  They made a big effort to welcome and include us.  Ace, Stephanie, Rachel, Michael and Lauren gave a "dramatic reading" on Samuel and Eli.  Josiah gave a phenomenal performance of a song he had written, with the keyboard (of which he played with more depth than I've every heard a keyboard).  They all made us proud!

The previous night they had a new experience - Robin Hood in the form of British Pantomine, of which you just have to experience.  Maybe Anna and Kelli can find the words to describe it!  During the performance, they announced our group.  We also had time at the university talking mobile applications for smartphones, looking at robotic research and a Welsh lesson of which they mastered, "My hat has 3 corners" in Welsh and complete with accompanying motions.

We've had the most beautiful weather that I've seen in Wales.  It was gorgeous on the coach ride through the mountains from Aberystwyth, this am.  Had a clear sky and the sun coming up over the beautiful green hills and the little stone farm houses/walls, with a light snow dusting in some places.  We've been fortunate to have very little rain, but sounds like we'll get it in Ireland.  So, out of beautiful Wales and onto Ireland (also beautiful, but in a different way).  All are excited for yet more new experiences.  All of us have been fighting off a bug, but doing pretty well.   Onward!!

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