Thursday, January 5, 2012

Susan: Arrival in London!

So, after a very long series of flights and delays - we made it to London.
Everyone crashed early last night with a good night's sleep! We're in a cute little
hotel near both Paddington Station and Lancaster "Tube" Station. Also near us
is Hyde Park. 2 students lost luggage but they assure us, they should be delivered today.

Yesterday, the first day in London we spent the day walking around and exploring.
We did a fascinating tour of Westminster Abbey and saw the usual sites of Big Ben,
the Thames, Buckingham Palace, etc. A highlight for me yesterday was seeing the
real Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey (think the "King's Speech").

Today is a free day to explore in groups and see the play, Wicked, tonight.
Students headed off after breakfast towards the London Tower with intentions to make it to
museums later in the day.

Students will be logging on later with their blogs - I just wanted to assure all of our safe journey.
All are doing well and seem ecstatic to be in London!



  1. Thanks for the update, and we're glad to hear you all arrived safely. Enjoy the day. I look forward to hearing more on your time there!

  2. Yes, thanks for posting! We will follow your travels eagerly...