Monday, January 16, 2012

Anna and Kelli: Aberystwyth!

We had a great few days in Aberystwyth, sunshine the whole time! We spent Friday and Aberystwyth University, learning about some of their computer science work, and having our Welsh lesson. Welsh...lots of hacking and "flemmy" tones, and we can almost accurately repeat the Welsh alphabet. Friday night, I had the opportunity to meet my Dad's cousin and her husband who live in Aberystwyth. It was great to meet them and they were able to instruct us on what we absolutely had to do when we were exploring.

Saturday was our day to explore, and instead of waiting for a bus into town, we trekked the three ish miles into town on the edge of the rode. Very safely of course... In town we headed to the waterfront promenade to "Kick the Bar." This is a tradition that has been going on since before WWII, and if you kick the bar on the end of the pier, you will one day return to Wales. Unfortunately the bar was no where to be found. We finally found it a few hours later after we had hiked up the hill to the Welsh National Library, which was really more of a gallery/museum. For the evening we headed back to the University for a very clever pantomime of Robin Hood. After a day full of walking it was straight to be for everyone when we returned.

Sunday was our nothing day. People sleeping until noon, staying in PJ's all day and relaxing. We did venture into town for an evening church service at the church of the computer science professor from the university. It was a college service, so it was great to get to talk to other students about what they were studying and what they liked to do in Aberystwyth.

It is very apparent how tired everyone is, but everyone seems excited for more adventures in Ireland!
Below was the last stop in Wales before Holyhead.  You'll have to click and enlarge but notice the long Welsh name of the town with the meaning below and the woman in traditional Welsh dress!


As Anna mentioned, at Aberystywyth University, we had the opportunity to speak with Professor Price about smart phones and the new "app" trend. Smart phones can download program, called applications or apps, and then the smart phone user can access these apps when they would like. Instead of the technical computer science aspects of creating apps, Professor Price explained the general purpose of apps and what important features apps should include so that they are marketable. Professor Price explained that the app must have value for the customer. In order to create value, the app should consider its target audience and utilize the unique app aspects, such as the zoom in screen, GPS tracking, and the size of the smart phone. He emphasized that applications that merely copy information from a print source, such as a brochure, and then use this as an app are inconvenient and don't add value for the viewer.

From his lecture, I came away with this advice from Professor Price: find your niche. If an app has a small but devoted market, then it can not only make a profit, but it can continually benefit this market and improve the app to appeal and help this small market.

Until Shannon!


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  1. Very cool. Great picture, and that is a great word. Thanks for your update -- very fun to be able to meet family so far away!